How does an automobile generator charge the battery? Apr 16th, 2018   [viewed 6 times]


The charging of the battery by the engine is not much related to the time, mainly related to the operation of the engine. When the engine is idling, the charge indicator will go out and the generator will begin to generate electricity. The higher the engine speed, the greater the power generation. After the vvdi prog adapter generator's power generation meets the power requirements of the vehicle's electrical equipment, the rest will be Charge the battery.

The engine, AC motor, battery, and electrical load on the car are an interconnected system. That means when the engine is autel md808 pro idling, the current generated by the generator can not charge the battery. However, it is guaranteed that the battery will not consume power.

The balance of energy on the car also needs to be considered. The restart of the engine after shutdown must take into account the state of charge of the battery. The battery can be considered as an energy storage device and supplies various loads. In turn, the alternator must charge the battery. Energy provider. Battery MQB IMMO If the discharge exceeds the charge, then the battery with a large capacity will be discharged step by step until it is vented. So many people say that the ideal state is to balance the energy of the input and output of the battery.

In fact, the charge indicator on the vehicle does not indicate whether the battery is charging or whether the engine is charging at what speed. When the alternator is under heavy load, the charging indicator light will be extinguished and the battery will not be charging but discharging. It is also important to note that if the charge indicator does not go off at high speed, it indicates that the alternator, regulator, line, or drive belt has failed.